CTI 2000

CTI 2000 is a Churches Together in Ilkley (CTI) charity formed as a Millennium project to help people with learning difficulties obtain housing, employment, training and other support for independent living. CTI 2000 was the brainchild of Corinne Gregory wife of our previous Minister Reverend Brian Gregory.

In April 2000 a house was opened in Nile Road by the Bishop of Bradford for 3 young people and they continue to live there happily. The house is owned by a Housing Trust and care support is provided by a Care Provider. CTI 2000 maintain contact through regular meetings with the Care Provider.

In 2002 CTI 2000 were approached by Bradford College for help in providing space for their courses for students with learning difficulties. Following the closure of the Ilkley campus they were short of suitable teaching accommodation. After some discussion we were able to offer the Oasis café at Church Street, adjacent to All Saints Church and the allotment at St John’s Church . Over the years the courses provided have expanded and the facilities improved with grant fund financial assistance. The Oasis café is used by Bradford College 4 days a week and serves meals to the public on Tuesdays and Fridays. The St John’s allotment is used on Wednesdays and Fridays. Both the café and allotment provide structured courses for students both from the Ilkley area and inner city Bradford from where students travel by train after appropriate training. In 2013 the Oasis cafe moved to a new location close by and has been renamed “Outside the Box”.  See http://www.outsidetheboxcafe.com/ for more details.

CTI 2000 volunteers support both the café and allotment College course staff  but they play a wider role in the summer when both the café and allotment are kept operating with more extensive volunteer support. Also during the summer and during August in particular day outings are organised using the ICVS minibuses for which we have 4 trained volunteer drivers.

CTI 2000 is run by a trustee board including members of St John’s.  They are always seking additional volunteers and Trustees to help with this important work. If you would like to know more about offering help in some way please contact us via the St Johns Church Office.