Environment Committee

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Diocesan Environmental Policy

“The whole creation belongs to God. As human beings we are part of the whole and have a responsibility to love and care for what God has entrusted to us as temporary tenants of the planet. We are called to conserve its complex and fragile ecology, whilst recognising the need for responsible and sustainable development and the pursuit of social justice.”

St John's has an active Environment Committee, with a Carbon Net Zero Group. The Committee is dedicated to informing and inspiring all of us to better look after our precious planet, which God has committed to our care.  As a local Church, we aim to realise afresh our stewardship, and to take the practical steps necessary to increase our safeguarding of all created things, and prospering the life of our earth.

Our Environmental Policy and Mission

In our communal life together, we seek to bring the Kingdom values of integrity, compassion and understanding into play – through worship and teaching, together with a church Environmental Policy which underpins our activities and values, and infiltrates every area of our life together.

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Creation Care

One of the Church of England’s five Marks of Mission                          

Carbon Net Zero Group

The Carbon Net Zero Group is working to meet the Church of England’s requirement for churches to be carbon net zero by 2030 – eg we have a renewable electricity contract and an offset gas contract, are investigating alternatives to gas heating, monitor and report our carbon emissions, and are seeking to reduce these in every feasible way. We want to live within the limits of the earth’s resources, and collaborate with our community to achieve this.

Eco Church

A few years ago, we enlisted in the A Rocha Eco Church programme and consider areas of church life from an environmental perspective. These include our worship and teaching, community activity, lifestyles, and building and church grounds management. In addition to our carbon net zero activities, we have projects such as a community recycling offer for dental products, Marigold gloves and pens, try to enable more insects and wildlife to flourish in the church grounds, and are a Fairtrade Church.

We achieved the Eco Church Bronze Award in August 2020, and regularly monitor our progress towards the Silver and Gold Awards.

You can help

Our Environment Committee and Carbon Net Zero Group are always keen to hear of new initiatives and ideas to share with others to combat CO2 emissions and help our community reduce its own carbon footprint, and protect the wildlife and environment around us.

 If you would like to contribute or join us, please contact:

Carbon Net Zero Group: Lynne Farrer

Environment Committee: Lynn Haygarth, Parish Environment Officer lynn.haygarth@benrhydding.org.uk